Where Do Substance Abuse Counselors Work?

Substance abuse counselors are mental health professionals who specialize in helping people with chemical dependencies on drugs or alcohol. They provide treatment and behavioral guidance to those struggling with addiction, and work with clients to help them overcome their dependence and become self-reliant. Counseling can be done in individual or group settings, and counselors may choose to focus on treating a particular addiction or related group of addictions, or may treat the spectrum of addiction disorders. The SAMHSA National Helpline is a free referral service that provides information about treatment facilities, support groups, and community-based organizations.

It is available in English and Spanish, and text messaging service 435748 (HELP4U) is currently only available in English. Those who are uninsured or underinsured can be referred to state offices responsible for state-funded treatment programs, or to facilities that charge on a sliding fee scale or accept Medicare or Medicaid. In addition to providing referrals, the helpline also offers information about the impact of substance abuse on families. It explains how substance abuse treatment works, how family interventions can be a first step to recovery, and how to help children from families affected by alcohol and drug abuse.

Those interested in learning more about what counselors do can visit the SAMHSA store for additional resources, as well as the SAMHSA Facebook page, Twitter account, YouTube channel, LinkedIn page, and Instagram account. The SAMHSA blog also provides valuable information about reducing the impact of substance abuse and mental illness on U. S. communities. Substance abuse counselors are often referred to by different titles, such as Certified Addiction Counselor, Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist, Certified Substance Abuse Counselor, Licensed Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor, Licensed Substance Abuse Counselor, and Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor.

Those who work specifically as drug counselors will have the same types of tasks but will work strictly with clients who suffer from drug abuse problems rather than eating disorders or gambling addictions. Substance abuse counselors improve many people's lives by providing them with the support they need to overcome their addiction. To learn more about this profession and listen to professional counselors on your own, switch to Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari and visit the online treatment locator.

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